Brenda Small
Visual Artist

Brenda Small




I grew up in Saskatchewan, and although I live in Ottawa, I have made harvest-time visits back home to reacquaint myself with the natural prairie canvass and the startling light, vast space and weathered old buildings that I so often feel compelled to paint.




Early on, I worked on capturing the colour and sweep of the prairies with watercolours, and I still think watercolours have a unique way of illustrating the delicate nature of life in this severe part of the world. 




I like to watch water, to see what is on the water and under it.


I draw inspiration from what is around me, using colour to express the joy of life - children playing at the beach, flowers in my garden soaking up the sunlight, the stillness of the landscape.


Trees are a constant, but change with the light, the weather and the seasons.





I’ve been expanding my artistic explorations by using glass on windows in a way that allows natural light to enhance the contours and forms of  landscapes, including those under the sea. Much of my work flows from my love of gardening, and I’ve been pleased to see some of my window scenes placed in gardens.